Edinburgh Seven
© David Hutchison

Medical Inspirations Exhibition

Chaplaincy Centre, Edinburgh University, 1 Bristo Sq, Edinburgh EH8 9AL. 21st Oct to 7th Nov, (week days 10am to 4pm) 2019

After making the medical thriller Graders I was looking for inspiration for a new project. My films tend to have strong female protagonists and it was with interest I heard about the Edinburgh Seven. They were the first female medical students to matriculate at a British University, 150 years ago at Edinburgh University. However with further research I discovered that Margaret Anne Bulkley, changing their name and appearance to James Miranda Barry, gained a MD at Edinburgh University in 1812.

The majority of the paintings are from my story Doctresses:The Book of Skulls, exploring an alternative Edinburgh in 1873, where a medical student and her lecturer use early forensics to help the police to catch a killer phrenologist.

There are also portrait interviews with my niece and prospective medical student Kate Gordon, current medical student Sarah Wordie, who is in her fourth year at Edinburgh University and intends to become a surgeon, kidney transplant recipient David Lindsay, who talks about his experience of overcoming kidney disease and my mother Joan Hutchison on spine fusion.

30 Daze in Ward 10 are a series of drawings created by my Great Aunt Helena Sutherland after a stay in Raigmore Hospital in 1969. I’ve also included artwork for Kore; a contemporary tale about a woman, who suddenly begins to hear her dead partner after putting in a new hearing aid; or is it the effect of a brain tumour.

Note if you watch interviews in the quiet space of the Chaplaincy Centre please use your headphones or turn off sound as all videos have subtitles.

Some original artworks and prints available for sale. Visit the shop for more details.