Edinburgh Seven
© David Hutchison

Medical Inspirations Exhibition

Chaplaincy Centre, Edinburgh University, 1 Bristo Sq, Edinburgh EH8 9AL. 21st Oct to 7th Nov, 2019

150 years ago on the 2nd Nov, a group of female medical students became the first to matriculate at a British University. They later become known as the Edinburgh Seven. However with further research I discovered that Margaret Anne Bulkley, changing their name and appearance to James Miranda Barry, gained a MD at Edinburgh University in 1812.

The majority of the paintings were from my story Doctresses:The Book of Skulls, set in an alternative 1870s Edinburgh, where a mixed race orphan medical student and her gender bending lecturer help the police to catch a killer.

There were portrait interviews with my niece and prospective medical student Kate Gordon, current medical student Sarah Wordie,in her fourth year at Edinburgh University and intends to become a surgeon, kidney transplant recipient David Lindsay, on his experience of overcoming kidney disease and my mother Joan Hutchison's notes on spine fusion.

30 Daze in Ward 10 were a series of drawings created by my Great Aunt Helena Sutherland after a stay in Raigmore Hospital in 1969. I also included artwork for Kore; a contemporary tale about a woman, who suddenly begins to hear her dead partner after putting in a new hearing aid; or is it the effect of a brain tumour?

As the Chaplaincy Centre was a quiet space I used QR codes and web links on cards next to paintings to more info and, in some cases, online videos with subtitles.