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Odd Stories From sentient safer sex sculptures to chipped pets, Odd Stories is a smorgasbord of kitsch horror. Including the short "The Sutherland King"
"deceptive gentleness" Ramsey Campbell

My dark tale of shortbread

My dark tale of shortbread got into the first round of the British Short Screenplay Competition. First published in the anthology "Read by Dawn" by Bloody Books. Available on Amazon and at Waterstones.


Bucket of Frogs

The Achiltibuie Stone is is included in the anthology Bucket of Frogs :New Writing Scotland 26 . Published by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies. Available at most bookshops and on Amazon.

The Achiltibuie Stone: two crofts split by a dry stone dyke; two familes split by a runestone.


The Golden Grain

The Golden Grain is a book of fiddle tunes and their origin stories created by my mother Joan Hutchison. You can order the book online from Lulu or most bookshops using the ISBN code 9781326381950. Lulu.


Storm Hags

Storm Hags available on various digital formats from Smashwords. Also available as paperback illustrated book at Lulu.

Kirsty and Angus are embarking on a family sailing trip around the world when their parents disappear in a storm and their boat, the Marianne, is shipwrecked. Marooned on the hidden island of Gruinsoye they discover a land full of mystery and menace. A cult of psychics using ancient technology living side by side mythical beings. What should have been the experience of a lifetime suddenly turns into a struggle for survival and escape.
Shortlisted for the Kelpie Prize.


Glastonbury  Tor by Lynne  Newton

photo by Lynne Newton

Chapter 4 for BBC Somerset's short story competition was broadcast on BBC Somerset.