His Servant's Voice
© David Hutchison


Logline : A bank clerk is persuaded by her dead girlfriend to rob her bank.

Short synopsis

Bank clerk Jessie misses her lover Kore who died recently of dementia. They didn’t make a will and Kore’s mother Mildred is demanding the money for Kore’s share of Jessie’s house for her ailing hotel business.

Jessie’s hearing aid is broken, she’s had a headache for weeks, her cat is missing and a cat killer is on the loose.

When Jessie’s new hearing aid arrives she puts it on and is shocked when Kore suddenly starts talking to her through it. Kore persuades Jessie to rob the bank to pay off her mother. Jessie robs the bank. She hides the money in her house while she attends a hospital appointment. Unfortunately a scan reveals a brain tumour.

When Jessie returns home the money has gone. Kore suddenly stops communicating. A neighbour tells Jessie that Kore’s carer at the hospice Mary Jo had been to the house.

Jessie thinks that she’s been had. Mary Jo would know all Kore’s secrets. She looks for a transmitter in the hearing aid but doesn’t find one. Jessie confronts Mary Jo and finds that she was only out raising money to stop the hospice closing. Kore starts communicating again and helps Jessie to persuade Mary Jo to help her. They don’t retrieve the money but when the cat killer is accidently killed by Jessie’s cat, they get the reward.

After Jessie’s successful brain tumour operation she doesn’t hear from Kore again but she and Mary Jo have become an item. They help Mildred convert her hotel into a pet therapy centre and they all run it together.